Hen party menu

Hen party menu

Come and admire the stunning male form during a sizzling striptease right here at Goldfingers. Or enjoy it in a luxury limousine, or anywhere in Prague. You only need to choose which option suits you the most. You will not soon forget about the performance of our sexy male dancer. Welcome drink included in the price (at Goldfingers). Running time 15 minutes. For the limousine, a 45-minute ride in a luxury vehicle, male striptease on board, 15 minutes, welcome drink included.
Our pole dance lessons are one of our most popular activities for hen parties, birthday parties, and girls' nights out in general. Try our 60-minute professional pole dance lesson right in the beautiful venue of the Goldfingers club. Before opening hours, on the main stage, right where the stunning Goldfingers shows take place. Learn basic tricks and simple choreography. The main thing, however, is that you will have a fantastic time.
If you're looking for something to do for your hen party or any other girls' night out, this is an excellent choice. We have prepared a programme of approx. 3 hours for you, and we guarantee that you will not be bored for even a moment. This exciting party begins with an hour-long pole dance lesson with a professional instructor. Welcome drink included in the price.
Learn from our specialist and professional chef how to make an aphrodisiac explosion for your sweetheart: crepes with strawberries, honey, and chocolate... We will pick you up in our luxury limousine anywhere in the centre of Prague. A male striptease awaits you on board. We will transport you to the La Riviere restaurant, where the hour-long culinary course can begin. You can then, of course, taste your creation. Welcome drink included in the price. Minimum of 6 people.
We will make your dream come true with a beautiful day where everyone will treat you like a queen. This programme begins at the beauty salon, where a make-up artist will create your make-up and hairstyle according to your desires. After this, you can enjoy a nail treatment including nail polish (nail polish can be substituted by a regenerative wrap including massage). You can then relax during the back or full-body massage. And your feet won't remain neglected, either. Enjoy a pedicure including nail polish or foot massage. Price includes a welcome drink and refreshments.
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