Sexy jelly wrestling

Sexy jelly wrestling

Sexy wrestling in jelly is the most popular activity for stag parties, birthday parties and any celebrations. Surprise your friend with something he really never even dreamed of. Soak it in slick jelly while beautiful half-naked girls are waiting for him. Whoever has ever tried to enter the pool full of slime knows that to remain standing is virtually impossible. Once you add two sexy ladies taking hold the honorees then it is inevitable that all three of them will end up rolling around in the jelly filled pool. From that point on it's just beautiful lesbians and him wrestling, grappling and rolling around sliding over each other's slippery bodies.The honoree will remember this sexy jelly wrestling with the most beautiful girls in Prague forever. Part of the package is one draft beer each plus unlimited consumption of draft beer for the bachelor as well as table reservation and our very popular tipping dollars. Duration 20 min. Two different types of wrestling available so choose a specific type according to your taste then the fun can begin!


The jelly wrestling was a bullseye hit. None of us had every experienced such a thing until then. The girls’ tits were beautifully erect.


Jelly wrestling was a great choice. The girls had great fun with our friend in the jelly.


Our friend slipped and slid a lot and couldn’t keep his balance at all, and the girls took advantage of the situation for their benefit. We laughed the most when they took off his shorts, and he remained naked in the pool.

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