Please read the instructions for entering the club HERE, however Goldfingers Prague has no rights to demand due to GDPR any documents of any kind so it is purely your responsibility. All vaccinated, negative and healthy people are always welcome:-) We look forward to you:-)

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Stag party menu

Probably our most popular show in which the unsuspecting honouree is invited onstage (accompanied by music according to the occasion—wedding march, happy birthday to you, etc.). Awaiting onstage are two gorgeous girls in special costumes that will present him with not only a lesbian show, but will also make it an experience he will never forget. Some of the most favourite practices of our girls include, for instance, tying the honouree to the pole, undressing him; the girls enjoy a nice pony ride, will examine the honouree's underwear or perhaps more.

This show begins with a sexy lesbian show with two beautiful girls in which the honouree is allowed to be a part of the their performance and watch everything from up close. He is then undressed and thrown into a pool of pleasurable jelly, followed by not only wrestling between him and the two beautiful girls who are already half-naked, but also cuddling, petting, and another lesbian show.

It is an absolutely unique activity for crazy stag party in Prague. It is great fun and good idea but, just for the brave! Let your unsuspecting stag be arrested by policemen, everything looks like a real arrest before taken directly to Goldfingers. The gentleman gets handcuffed and blindfolded and is taken out of the club and here is probably the most interesting part of the arrest. Police officers take him through various corridors in the bowels of the Ambassador Hotel for a long time, then leave him in a very cold room in the dark for a while. Then they come back to him again and lead him back to the club, but this time they are going by the elevator. They return with him back to the club at the VIP lounge where our most beautiful strippers and his friends are waiting for him.

Stag police arrest is one of the most popular activities for stag parties. The future groom will be arrested by uncompromising policemen in a bar in the center of Prague, so everything looks very credible. Our fake policemen always work with the best man to make an interesting excuse, because they will tell him some information that only he and only a few best friends know, forcing the stag, to question if real. Everything will seem very real to the stag who will not chance annoying the Czech Police who are very serious people. The gentleman is handcuffed and blindfolded and taken out of the bar, the cops put him into the car and drive him to the police station (driving in the car around city center). Then they return back to the bar where the hot striptease is waiting for the stag.

If you haven’t experienced our XXL dancers’ performance, you don’t know what true laughter is. Choose an activity that best suits you from our XXL offer. We've got it all: traditional XXL striptease, XXL lesbian show, or lesbian show with two dominatrixes. Or you may want to unleash yourself in a jelly bath with our roly-polies. You can even feast your eyes on an autoerotic show given by sexy butterballs. The activities are funny, bordering on comical. But that’s the point, right? Fun! You might be planning a surprise for a groom-to-be, a birthday party present for a friend, or any other occasion. Aside from the jelly wrestling, everything else can be organised anywhere in Prague: in a restaurant, on a ship, in an apartment, or at our place – Goldfingers.

We are honored to cooperate with the smallest people in Europe (about 122 cm) to realize a known legend - the midget brings happiness to the one who is fascinated with him for a while. The stag and the midget must do everything together. Naturally, there are very comical situations (e. g. a visit to the toilet). This tradition works best with a stag party, when according to the legend, the midget will bring happiness, money, health and happy marriage to a groom. So you can order the presence of our midget right here while you are having fun.

Have you heard of beer bike? If not, it is high time you try it. And where else should that be than in Prague, famous for its numerous opportunities to have a drink with friends. Enjoy an hour-and-a-half ride on a specially adjusted bicycle that not only allows you to cycle, thus providing exercise for your body, but also ensures you enjoy sightseeing, drinking with friends, and Czech beer. It is actually a “pub crawl” on a bike. Why spend a sunny day in a pub when you can drink in fresh air? The price includes 30 litres of Czech beer, a driver, a waitress and our beautiful hostess. Meeting point: Pernerova 652, 186 00 Karlín. The minimum number of people is 6, the maximum is 15. The package also includes reservation at the Goldfingers club and 20 tipping dollars.

Goldfingers is the only place in Prague, where you can really enjoy amazing dinner (200 g steak, French fries, pepper sauce, ketchup) and you are in the one of the best strip clubs in the world at the same time. 3 czech draft beers per person included. You can continue with your party after your dinner being entertained by our amazing show and sexy strippers in Goldfingers, you can enjoy a table dance only for your group on your table with a stripper of your choice. Table reservation plus 10 tipping dollars included. Booking of this package is possible before 10pm.

Enjoy an unforgettable ride in our specially designed GOLDFINGERS VIP SHUTTLE. The luxurious interior of the Mercedes is designed for the most comfortable of rides. There is also a bar and a dance pole inside the shuttle. We can pick you up at the airport, a restaurant, a hotel, or anywhere in Prague. Our beautiful stewardess is waiting onboard to give you a welcome drink and 20 one-dollar bills for tips, free of charge. You can also spice your ride up with a steamy striptease (15 minutes) or a lesbian show (15 minutes). You can choose whatever you like.

Order a sizzling striptease performance anywhere in Prague (outside of Prague upon request). The striptease show can take place in a restaurant, at a club, in a hotel room, on a boat, etc. You can order the performance as a gift or surprise for a party, celebration, or any special occasion. Our dancers will come in themed costumes and turn up the heat. All you need to do is choose from our selection of striptease shows depending on your preferences (striptease with one dancer, two dancers, lesbian show, lesbian show with two dominatrixes, auto-erotic performance with one dancer, or auto-erotic lesbian show with two dancers).

The show begins with the arrival of two beautiful dominatrixes dressed latex costumes, who never come without their special toys and equipment. Of course there are a variety of equipment available in their BDSM tool box. The honouree has the opportunity to become a part of their show, but has to satisfy their demands. If he doesn't listen, he is punished with a range of devices (it is up to the honouree whether he consents with the soft or hard version). Then he is undressed and tied up, but is allowed to watch the lesbian show of his two beautiful madams. And perhaps he'll be able to join the fun?

Come and enjoy sushi served on a beautiful naked body. We have prepared the best top quality sushi for you. We guarantee that our sushi is always freshly prepared for you and you alone. Duration 60 minutes. The dinner ends with a sexy table dance by a beautiful dancing girl. The minimum number of guests is 8. The sushi body buffet can take place at any time during or outside our hours of operation. A welcome drink is included in the price. This activity is suitable for any special occasion and as a surprise for those attending bachelor parties and other celebrations.

There is nothing more arousing than getting woken up by a sexy maid with her sizzling striptease performance. Invite our beautiful strippers right to your hotel or suite, and surprise your friend with this exclusive performance. The package includes a programme for the evening as well: reservation at Goldfingers, 10 tipping dollars and a t-shirt for the honouree with an unlimited consumption of draft beer. Book now!


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